The 5 Podcasts We Think You Should Be Listening To


It’s always so inspiring listening to talented individuals talk about their unique passion, whatever that may be. That’s probably why podcasts have become so popular over the past couple of years. With thousands of episodes available in the creative industry alone, finding an inspiring new listen can be a little overwhelming. That’s why, in the week that one of our new favourite podcasts launched, we thought we’d give a run-down of the podcasts that are top of our ‘Most Played’ list this month.


The Great Indoors

After being teased on Instagram for the past month, we were thrilled to finally listen to The Great Indoors podcast following its launch last week.

The super talented Sophie Robinson, Interior Designer and self-proclaimed colour addict, has joined forces with Kate Watson-Smyth, creator of one of the most influential interiors blogs of this decade, Mad About the House, to create a podcast that covers design faux pas, hot topics in the world of interiors, and unique tips and tricks from the industry.

This podcast feels like a natter round the dining table with two old friends, complete with beeping washing machines and lots of giggles. We can’t wait for the next episode!


Hashtag Authentic

For anyone who wants to grow their Instagram, connect with their followers and hear from skilled business people from across the design industry that have done just that, listening to this podcast by Sara Tasker of Me & Orla fame is a must.

Each episode is packed full of useful nuggets of information from the most experienced influencers and creative entrepreneurs in the business. Episode topics include the elusive Instagram algorithm, how to write the perfect caption, and how to stay authentic in a digital world.


TED Radio Hour

Okay so this isn’t specifically a creative podcast. In fact it’s actually not really a podcast at all.

Centred around the famous TED Talks, each episode of the TED Radio Hour brings to light an interesting perspective on issues from within our culture today. This show is described as being “a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.”

As big foodies, this month we loved the episode which explored our deep connection with food and how the industry has changed over time.


Raw Milk

This creative business podcast is the work of multi-skilled creative Beth Kirby - creative entrepreneur, writer, social media influencer, and creator of the award-winning blog (with an online community of over 1.2 million) Local Milk.

She talks authentically about the everyday struggles of being self-employed, with practical and creative advice from successful business owners from all over the world.

If you’re needing a bit of a motivation or a good-old confidence boost, this podcast makes you feel like you can conquer the world and gives you the tools to do it.


Creative Playdate

A podcast for anyone perusing a creative career whilst raising children.

Artist Michelle Kondrich interviews artists, illustrators and designers about their businesses and how they strike a balance between parenting and creative work. We love the real-life approach of this podcast. Topics covered include adjusting to a different work process after becoming a new parent, how to switch off and spend time with your kids when deadlines are looming, and the financial and emotional toll that being a new parent can take and how this can affect your work life.