The Brunch Club: A Morning Goal-Setting Workshop

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Well what a week this has been!

I was waiting in the airport lounge last weekend, about to board a plane to France, when I took a call from Nicky at Seriously Stylish Business. We were making plans to meet clients in Wales and realised that we were arranging meetings with people who would get on brilliantly if they had the chance to meet. It dawned on us that getting them in the same room was going to be tricky (you know what it’s like comparing diaries and schedules - often these things just get put off) unless we did something about it, like booking brunch!

By the time I boarded my flight, things had definitely escalated. We loved the idea of meeting for brunch so much, and thought it would be great to open it up as a chance for entrepreneurs in out network to connect with one another. January can be such a difficult month for a lot of small business owners and we felt that an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and plan for the next quarter might be needed.

Floating the idea of the workshop with our Instagram followers confirmed the need for an event just like this and, a few hours later, The Brunch Club was born!

Lovely people who actually live on my doorstep
— Brunch Club Guest
Arboreal Kitchen
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Sophia was already busy back in the studio putting a gorgeous Brunch Club identity together, and a date had been put in the diary for week later. We certainly know how to move when the time is right!

When I got back from my weekend in France (feeling part human, part chocolate-orange croissant) there were a few last minute details to sort, but we had put together the bones of something wonderful. It’s amazing how quickly things can come together when you know you’re on to something.

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Even though there was a demand for the Brunch Club,, we had no idea how many people would actually book tickets to come along when they went live. We were blown away by how quickly the spaces sold out! We had to hop on the phone to the lovely people at Arboreal Kitchen to see if we could squeeze a few more of you in, and we’re so glad that we did. The next round of tickets sold out just as fast, and we needed to up the numbers a third time!

When Wednesday came around, Nicky and I were thrilled that the room was filled with such wonderful women with so much energy. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to sit down and chat with you all about your ambitions and goals for the future. You guys have serious drive!

Nicky Wilkes was just wonderful as always and had each and every person bursting to get their goals down on paper. She helped everyone to look at the bigger picture of their businesses and how they want it to be by the end of 2019, before honing in on the details and intentional steps they would need to take to make it happen.

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One of the common themes I noticed from the day was that every individual seemed to think they had something holding them back. Something that needed to be addressed or overcome in order to move on and grow their businesses. Nicola applied her years of coaching expertise and gave practical tips and takeaways to help move past the barriers and start levelling up.

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I enjoyed working through the book and Nicky’s hugely positive attitude.
— Brunch Club Guest

There really is nothing better than goal-setting over a delicious Eggs Benedict, and of course the brunch served by Arboreal Kitchen was gorgeous as always. It provided the perfect brain fuel for a morning of big thinking and business planning.

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Our aim through this was always to bring like-minded individuals together to share their experiences and level-up their businesses. Thanks to everyones willingness to step out of their comfort zone and take action, that’s exactly what we achieved. We can’t stress enough that whilst we put the time in to pull the workshop together, it truly is you that makes it all happen. And for that we’re so grateful.

We’re excited to announce our next Brunch Club is coming very soon. We hope to see you all there!