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Branded Property: The Women Re-designing the Property Industry

The property world has a really bad reputation for being a salesy and corporate environment that revolves around deals and figures - think suits, lanyards and lots of money talk at conference centre networking events. While this approach to doing business has its place for some, for others it can feel a little pushy and off-putting. The current industry model clearly needs re-thinking, as it seems to be filtering out women at all levels.

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A Weekend in the Alps

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to head out to Meribel to visit my brother who is doing a ski season at a luxury villa in the French Alps. I’ve never been anywhere snowy before and have never seen a mountain in real life, so this was a trip I’d been looking forward to for a while. Not just because of the lovely family time but also because I knew there would be some time to mooch around the little French towns nearby and hunt out some beautiful architecture.

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New Work: Brand Identity for Victoria Wade

Victoria Wade is a talented Landscape Architect who specialises in creating beautiful, social outdoor spaces. The business is headed up by Vicki and her husband Joe and the power-house couple have a wealth of knowledge, backed up by their impressive qualifications. They also have the drive to become industry leaders in their field.

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