New Work: Brand Identity for Andrea Curtis


The beginning

Andrea Curtis came to us earlier this year, with a very clear mission - to create a brand for her colour consultancy business that celebrated her passion for colour and creativity. It was apparent from day one that Andrea was super-focussed and ready to hit the ground running.

From her home in South Wales, she spends her days creating game-changing colour schemes for people and places by delving deep into colour psychology and obsessing over the nuances of colour - applying her expertise to homes, people and brands. She understands the intricacies of how colour affects us, the messages it can send and how we can use colour to be more authentic.


Colour changes everything

When we began working with together, Andrea shared with us a series of beautiful images of her home, which has been featured in a number of interiors magazines and is the location for most of her workshops and consultations. We were hugely inspired by the warm autumnal palette that flowed around her house and used this as a starting point for our initial mood boards.

AC - Brand Moodboard Revised.jpg

We developed a brand identity that centred around paint - using brush strokes, texture and rich tones alongside an elegant word mark that would translate into a number of colourways, allowing her plenty of versatility when using it in different applications. A palette of deep blues and greens, with shocks of acid yellow and bright coral balanced Autumn with hints of Spring.

AC - Initial Letterhead.jpg
AC - Business Card CD 13.04.jpg
AC - Postcard CD 13.04.jpg

In order to create a brand that is completely authentic, it’s essential to pick apart all elements of your business and what makes it special. That is where the real magic is. Working through this process often leads to moments of realisation, where you look at your business from a different perspective and gain a completely new understanding of it. For Andrea, this pivotal moment came after a workshop with Angela Wright - creator of the seasonal colour personality methodology. During their workshop, Andrea discovered that she didn’t have as many Autumnal traits in her personality as she first thought.

Colour Psychology and the seasons

Angela’s colour system is a fascinating way of assigning colours to a person, brand or place, by establishing personality traits and characteristics, and matching them to a season or combination of seasons.

Spring is full of energy. It’s the time of year when new life is bursting out into the world and everything is new and rejuvenated. Spring colours are warm, but also clean, clear and fresh.

Summer is subtle and delicate - a time when things are hazy, warm and slow-paced. Colours contain more grey which means they often feel heavier.

Autumn is warm, intense and fiery. Colours are intense and rich, with a much darker undertone.

Winter colours are as you would expect - cold, and either very dark or very intense. This is the only group that black features in.


A shift towards Spring

At our next meeting, Andrea was buzzing to share with us her new found colour palette. She discovered from Angela that she identifies far more with Spring than Autumn, and she should be letting that lead the way. This was to be the turning point for her whole brand, as well as her wardrobe and even the decor of her home.

The seasonal shift moved her away from colours with an earthy feel, to ones that encompass airs of lightness, clarity and creativity. We set to work re-imagining her brand - replacing deep blues with fresh, morning light tones, offset with vibrant coral pink and intense turquoise.

Business Card Mockup.jpg
I love it. It has the right combination of professionalism and friendliness I wanted. It’s a good representation of me and how I do business.
— Andrea Curtis

Living her brand

We also created a beautiful bespoke website for Andrea, which is informative and welcoming, whilst maintaining plenty of space for Andrea’s wealth of courses and knowledge, giving it room to breathe.

Her new brand photography is vibrant, airy and oozes her wonderful personality.

Letterhead Mockup 2.jpg
Website Mockup1.jpg

You can learn all about Andrea’s incredible colour knowledge and browse her range of insightful courses on her website.