Moving Forward by Stepping Back


It’s been a busy start to the year, with all of our clients radiating energy and focus. This creative buzz is why we love doing what we do, but we’re often guilty of neglecting the benefits of taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

When working on a project, we've all reached a point where it has benefited from having a pair of 'fresh eyes' look at it, or someone give input from a different perspective. So we know the positive effect that looking at work from a different point of view can have. Taking time to reflect on your achievements and invest in your creative output is hugely important. So, this Easter, why not join us in taking a step back from the hectic work schedule and give your motivation a boost. 

Invest in Inspiration

This long weekend is the perfect time to do things that inspire creativity, but you feel guilty about prioritising during the working week. Visit the art exhibition that you’ve been wanting to see but haven’t found the time, go for walks in the sunny outdoors (we can hope!), and spend time reading the book that’s been gathering dust since Christmas. Feeding your brain these subtle bursts of inspiration is an intuitive way to broaden your horizons and add a new depth to your creative mind-set. 


Make Time for Mundane

It's easy to think that big ideas only come from a busy meeting agenda, or a heavy brainstorming session, which they often do. But, actually the best ideas can come when you're not doing much at all. How many times have you had a fantastic revelation whilst having a rinse in the shower? Or been struck with brilliance when on a drive to pick up milk? Doing menial tasks like hanging out the laundry, walking the dog, or even having a spring clean puts the mind in a semi-meditative state, allowing inspiration to flow in. 

Notice the Small Things

When out and about rushing between meetings, we're usually caught up in a bubble of emails, phone calls and writing mental to do lists. On your return to work, try making an effort to notice everyday things that we would usually glance over. This might be the new bud on one of the office pot plants, or the smell of cut grass on your drive in. We're big advocates of having a mindful approach to business and noticing the beauty in the everyday helps to calm the mind and expand your focus. 

So, this Easter, we're urging you to take step back, relax, let inspiration flow, and return to work with a boost of creativity and motivation. 

Nikki Timney