Scandi Grows Up

Images from Pinterest

Images from Pinterest

It's almost hard to imagine a time when Scandi minimalism wasn't filling every interiors store, Instagram feed and Pinterest board in the UK. White walls, natural wood and simple furnishings are at the core of the look, with plenty of black and tan mixed in to warm things up. 

Whether you love or hate it, the Scandi trend has truly stuck around. With it comes a developing sense of appreciation for craftsmanship, quality, and the beauty of natural materials - a departure from cheap-and-cheerful flackpacking.

As we've watched this trend evolve it has become clear that the Hygge roots run deep, and they resonate with the Brexit-depressed, Trump-weary world. Well designed white lighting, tactile materials and carefully selected textures have the power to soothe the soul. They also have the power to feel a little repetitive and lacking in personality. 

It's no surprise that this year the Scandi look has grown up. And not just a little. 

Introducing the New Nordic

Taking influences from Japanese design, the Japanordic trend is like the super-cool older sister of the Scandi design we have come to know. The same textures, materials and lines are still present, but this look introduces a whole new layer of colour, pattern and warmth. It's definitely got our studio talking. 


Layering up rich tones, all made grubbier with a great dose of grey, brings a depth to this style that is refreshingly cosy - when combined with great Scandinavian lighting it is a recipe for comfort and warmth. Think inky-blues, yellow-golds and layers of soft olive greens. 

Black Lines

A key detail of this look is the introduction of plenty of matt black in the form of ceramics, wooden trim, window detailing and sharp pieces of furniture. 


Japanese Influence

Print, form, pattern and materials pull inspiration from Japanese design, with iconic artwork and traditional pieces at the forefront. The fusion between this style and the timeless Nordic design is a triumph - with a shared love of minimalism and simplicity.


This trend is sure to be a big hit this year and we're excited to see how it manifests.

Bekki Stovell