New Work: Brand Identity for Rowan McOnegal


Rowan McOnegal is a skilled Artist and Herbalist who specialises in teaching hands-on courses in both Japanese Woodblock and Herbal Medicine. Residing in a beautiful self-built eco home in rural Herefordshire, Rowan grows all the fresh herbs and flowers for her herbal remedies organically in her garden and creates beautiful woodblock prints from her garden studio, soaking up her unadulterated surroundings for inspiration.


When we first met Rowan earlier this year, her business had two clear branches: Hedgerow Medicine and Japanese Woodblock, but at the time everything fell under one roof. She came looking to diversify her business into two clear brands and create a website for each to showcase her range of immersive courses.

From our first meeting we were instantly drawn in by her warm, kind-hearted nature and couldn’t wait to get started creating two brands that reflected her wholesome approach.

Whilst the two branches of Rowan’s business needed distinguishing from one another, they also needed to tie together in a way that embodied Rowan’s passion for the natural world and our connection with the earth.

I had had the same website for over 15 years. It had combined two different areas of work that I do, which I felt would be better defined separately. One of these areas has changed considerably, so it seemed a good time to re brand.
— Rowan McOnegal


It was clear from the outset that both of her brands needed a colour palette built on earthy tones and natural pigments.

RM Moodboard Presentation _Page_19.jpg

The Hedgerow Medicine colour palette centres around tones that are prevalent within a British hedgerow: different shades of green and deep purples. The logo has been created to be emblematic of Rowan’s namesake – the beautiful Rowan plant.

 To develop the website to have a textural feel and provide a nod to her artistic roots, hand painted watercolour illustrations of various plants and flowers that Rowan uses regularly in her remedies feature prominently throughout.

RM - Illustrations Mockup.jpg


To evolve the Japanese Woodblock brand, we took inspiration from Japanese culture and the historic art of Japanese Woodblock Printmaking. We created a logo that ties together the phenomenon of wabi-sabi and organic growth, whilst encompassing a physical resemblance to the naturally crafted wooden tools that are central to the practice of Mokuhanga (Japanese Woodblock). A colour palette of burnt red and charcoal hint towards the rich Japanese heritage and the beautiful plant-based dyes used in the printmaking process.

RM Moodboard Presentation _Page_19.jpg
It helped me to clarify what I want to achieve in each of the two strands of my work, and integrated them into who I am, and what I do.
— Rowan McOnegal

Rowan McOnegal now has two clearly distinguishable branches to her business which embody her passion for raw materials and environmentally friendly practices.

Learn all about Rowan’s impressive knowledge of Herbal Medicine and Japanese Woodblock on her websites.