Branded Property: The Women Re-designing the Property Industry

The property world has a really bad reputation for being a salesy and corporate environment that revolves around deals and figures - think suits, lanyards and lots of money talk at conference centre networking events. While this approach to doing business has its place for some, for others it can feel a little pushy and off-putting. The current industry model clearly needs re-thinking, as it seems to be filtering out women at all levels.

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A Weekend in the Alps

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to head out to Meribel to visit my brother who is doing a ski season at a luxury villa in the French Alps. I’ve never been anywhere snowy before and have never seen a mountain in real life, so this was a trip I’d been looking forward to for a while. Not just because of the lovely family time but also because I knew there would be some time to mooch around the little French towns nearby and hunt out some beautiful architecture.

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New Work: Brand Identity for Victoria Wade

Victoria Wade is a talented Landscape Architect who specialises in creating beautiful, social outdoor spaces. The business is headed up by Vicki and her husband Joe and the power-house couple have a wealth of knowledge, backed up by their impressive qualifications. They also have the drive to become industry leaders in their field.

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New Work: Brand Identity for Andrea Curtis

Andrea Curtis came to us earlier this year, with a very clear mission - to create a brand for her colour consultancy business that celebrated her passion for colour and creativity. It was apparent from day one that Andrea was super-focussed and ready to hit the ground running.

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Life After GDPR - What to do if you lost all your subscribers

The new General Data Protection Regulations came into force on Friday 25th May and you're probably sick and tired of hearing about them.

Although the changes to the law were announced a long time ago, for many businesses the implications weren't clear until the very last moment - it all seemed like a lot of fuss about nothing, and something that only the 'big boys' needed to worry about. Suddenly the deadline was looming, you were receiving hundreds of opt-in messages a day from other small businesses and everyone was asking you if you were ready or not.

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Sponsors of the Surrey Life Food & Drink Awards 2018

There’s nothing that makes us happier than helping a restaurant owner or food producer to design a brand that accurately reflects their talent for creating a beautiful dish or product. From chefs and hotel owners to local grocers and baristas, we love working across the food and drink industry and celebrating quality cuisine. 

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Moving Forward by Stepping Back

It’s been a busy start to the year, with all of our clients radiating energy and focus. This creative buzz is why we love doing what we do, but we’re often guilty of neglecting the benefits of taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.

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Nikki Timney
Scandi Grows Up

As we've watched this trend evolve it has become clear that the Hygge roots run deep, and they resonate with the Brexit-depressed, Trump-weary world.

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Bekki Stovell