Brand Audit Call


Are you attracting the right kind of customers? Are you positioning yourself in the right part of your industry to access these customers? Does your messaging accurately reflect your business ethos? As your business grows your brand might not be working for you in the way it once did. We often chat to companies who have grown to a point where their brand no longer accurately reflects their business, but they’re not too sure how or where to make a change. It’s here that a brand audit call can really help. With expert advice from Steele & Stovell CEO Bekki, you will establish why your current identity no longer works for you and pin down a really firm idea of the direction to take your business. So, what does the call actually include? In your 90-minute chat, you’ll work through:

Your brand story:

Every brand has a story, and on your call with Bekki, you will uncover the exact story that your brand needs to tell. You’ll go through our unique brand story process to establish ..

Your Customer ProfilE:

You’ll also establish a firm customer profile. You’ll answer questions like: Where do they shop? What do they like to do in their free time? What car do they drive? Pinning down a really comprehensive customer profile helps to identify who your brand needs to target.

After your call, we’ll follow up with an email of suggested action points. If you’d like to book in a full branding project with us, you will receive a £200 discount on the cost of your package.

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