Additional Services


When re-branding your business it is important that everyone is on board with your plans, and that the team shares the same vision for the future of the business. It can often be tricky to find time in the working day to have discussions about branding and when you do find the time, it’s hard to know where to start.

We firmly believe that the best brands succeed because the companies took time in the early stages to work out the core motivations of the business before moving in to the design stages and they actively sought theopinions of staff members from all areas of the business.

This is why we suggest to all of our clients that they arrange for us to run one or more workshops with their team as part of the branding process. 

Our expert brand consultant helps you uncover the core ethos of your brand - working with you for the duration of your project on a series of workshops, consultation meetings and one-to-one sessions.

Consultation sessions are also available for those in need of a little more clarity, even if you aren't working on a larger project.



That's why we work hand-in-hand with your chosen photographer, providing direction, detailed shot lists, and on-set styling when required. 

We know how important high quality imagery is, and we are passionate about photography. We believe that great images have the power to transform a brand, and the right photographer with the right creative direction can boost your business to another level.



We are on hand to help with copywriting whenever you need it, whether for your website, a new brochure, or a really important pitch document, so you never need to worry. We'll help you to find your language, and then keep it consistent.

Like your visuals, it is important that your tone of voice is consistent across all of your communications, both internal and external. Copy should always be spot-on and should engage your audience as much as the aesthetics of your brand do. When you know your company so well it can be surprisingly difficult to find the right words to promote it.